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. the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal takes a dra mat uk turn as police in pennsylvania take him into custody. >> investigators reveal new and disturbing details from sandusky's abusers. it's thursday, december 8th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. bail for sandusky has been set at $250,000 in cash. the former coach expected to make bail when he goes to court later today. but for now he is spending the night in a jail cell. he still insists of course he never broke the law. >> this arrest prompted by two new abusers. >> ten. all ten so far. >> the scene some expected to see after the initial eight people came forward. now he gets to be behind bars if just for a short amount of time. the case unbelievable. also this morning, unforgettable call to 911. a california woman calls for help when she saw an intruder breaking in. she told police she had a gun. and we'll hear how the jaw dropping story end. amazing audio on the story as to what this woman did. >> later this hour, the reality tv show stunt that backfired. producers fired off a cannon. see the damage
. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. as many as 10 accusers may testify in the jerry sandusky hearing taking place in a tiny pennsylvania town today. it is unclear if sandusky himself will take the stand. and there are new questions about what a key witness, mike mcqueary, will say about what he saw and heard. >> extraordinary. today he will see up to ten accusers in court face to face. some of them seen for the first time. not clear who the accusers are. he will see them for the first time. an extraordinary moment in court today. >> people are guessing he will testify. that's not going to happen. >> you don't think he will take the stand? >> no. >> based on previous interviews. >> based on that. defendants don't testify at preliminary hearings. we will hear the stories of so many of the young men today. >> unbelievable story. >>> also on this tuesday morning, an awkward situation for mitt romney. during an old-fashioned campaign stop at a new hampshire diner, he sat down with a vietnam vet. instead of talking about the veteran's military background, romney was put on the spot
" -- courtroom drama. the young men accusing former penn state coach jerry sandusky of sexual abuse are set to meet him today face to face. >> prosecutors are ready to question every one of them in front of a pennsylvania judge. it's tuesday, december 13th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. as many as 10 accusers may testify in the jerry sandusky hearing. taking place in a tiny pennsylvania town today. it is unclear if sandusky himself will take the stand. and there are new questions about what a key witness, mike mcqueary will say about what he saw and heard. >> extraordinary today he will see up to ten accusers in court face to face. some of them seen for the first time. not clear who the accusers are. he will see them for the first time. an extraordinary moment uncourt today. >> people are guessing he will testify. that is not going to happen >> you don't think he will take the stand? >> no. >> based on preachous interviews. >> based on that. defendants don't testify at preliminary hearings. we will hear the stories of so many of the young men today. >
their fears, frustrations and angers after the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> while another accuser steps forward with disturbing allegations and a lawsuit against a former coach. it's thursday, december 1st. >>> good morning, i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. penn state students met faculty and administrators at a special townhall gathering on campus last night. some of them voiced concerns about the scandal and its impact on their education. meanwhile, sandusky's legal fight has now started with the first lawsuit from an accuser. >> also this half-hour, a stunning jail house confession by a former member of the k.k.k., the impact this confession is having on the case of three men in the 60s. remember the story told in the movie "mississippi burning." >> incredible movie, real-life crime there, we'll have more on that in a second. later in this half-hour, a woman's obsession with hippos. she is so taken with her favorite animal that she made her car look like a hippo. wait till you see how she has decorated her house. >> wow. >> everyone need a hobby i guess. >> that's right
abused by jerry sandusky more than 100 times. penn state students met with the new university president and administrators last night during the townhall meeting the students were told the school will be held to a new hypigher ethical standard. >>> evangelist billy graham has been admitted to the hospital. graham, 93, suffering from congestion, cough and fever. doctors say he was alert, smiling and waving to staff when he entered the hospital yesterday. he was last hospitalized in may for pneumonia and treated for ailments. >>> now that they have been evicted from their campsite, occupy appropriate testeprotest continue their campaign the they stopped outside police headquarters in fact where those who were arrested during the eviction were being held. >>> there are some complaints this morning from occupy protestors in los angeles. they were removed from their encampment early yesterday. kabc's carlos grandham has the latest now from l.a. >> reporter: police moved into the park at city hall, arrested nearly 300 protestors. the early morning raid shut down the encampment that had been t
thing the response was quick. >> lessons learned, right? >> yes. jerry sandusky bails out of jail. but there are big question as but what his wife knew and when about the alleged sexual abuse. we are hearing from her for the first time. >> a pretty stunning statement from her. >> dottie sandusky. >> she is saying none of this happened. standing by her man through awful this. later after the serious headlines we take a lighter look at the heavy christmas sweaters, really ugly ones like the ones in the photo and why these things have become so popular. awe you know you have one. >> i do not. people throw ugly sweater parties. great idea for a holiday party. >> haven't heard of that. >> we need light news today. >> first, virginia tech's campus plunged into panic when the gunman reopened the wounds from the april 2007 massacre. >> looking for answers about what triggered this shooting. mark kelly joins us live from the campus in blacksburg with the very latest on this incident. good morning to you, mark. >> reporter: good morning, rob. we found out here the slain police officer has b
. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet this morning as his wife comes to his defense for the first time. dottie sandusky says all the accusations of sexual assault involving her husband are false. abc's jim avila reports. >> reporter: dottie sandusky left her home to bail out her husband of 45 years. handing over a $50,000 certified check and her house, for the remaining $200,000 in bond. after spending one night in jail, the former football coach is now under house arrest. for many including his accusers, it is not enough. >> i certainly hope that he is not a danger to anybody. but i also know a little bit about the nature of the disease. and it is like an addicting. >> reporter: dottie sandusky made her first comments on the charges against jerry. and now implicate her. a new accuser saying, she was in the house as she screamed for help from her basement. dottie sandusky says, i'm so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. no child who ever visited our home was ever forced to stay in our base the and fed
is always the issue, we'll see. >>> now to the stunning turn in the case of jerry sandusky. his first court appearance lasted less than five minutes. the former penn state coach waived his right to a preliminary hearing. sandusky pled not guilty and said he will go directly to trial. all ten of the accusers were waiting in the courthouse ready to testify that he sexually abused him. they were all there. >> we'll talk about that later in the show. seems like a game of chicken by the defense team there. >>> well, florida a&m university has embroiled in yet another hazing scandal. we told you yesterday three students there have been charged with beating a marching band member so badly she could barely walk. she was attacked not only with fists but spatulas, rulers, and book binders. now she plans to sue the school. abc news has more. >> reporter: what is most amazing about the arrest of the three florida a&m band members is they had nothing to do with this hazing incident that killed the band member. >> is he breathing or is he not breathing? >> we don't know if he is breathing. we need an amb
. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- angry accusers. the young men who say penn state coach, jerry sandusky molested them, call him now a coward. >> that's after sandusky backed out of a preliminary court hearing at the last minute in a major legal surprise. it's wednesday, december 14th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. a surprise move in pennsylvania. i don't think anyone was expecting that when sandusky's legal team waived his right to a preliminary hearing. we'll explain what happened in court and what's next. for both sides. >> i know you have a lot to say. about this, you didn't see this coming? >> i did not. i don't think anyone did. >> wonder what the strategy is. that's the question now. does this make sense? now this will go directly to trial. >> i have some ideas. >> i think probably the smartest thing he has done. >> we'll get to more of that. an intruder accused in a church break-in picked the wrong place. this pastor packed some heat as a trained battlefield soldier before he took his career in a higher direction. what went down before serv
at >> stay with us. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- speaking out. jerry sandusky insists he is innocent in his first on-camera interview since the penn state sex abuse scandal broke. >> sandusky also admitted he is attracted to young boys. it's monday, december 5th. >>> and a good monday morning to you. i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin. what a bizarre interview. and at one point jerry sandusky's attorney had to jump in and stop it, comments, clarifications and questions raised after the coach spoke out again, again, about the sex abuse scandal. >> i want to get your thoughts on that as a lawyer, how you kind of coordinate this message coming out there. when you hear this there is head scratching moments. >> every single attorney i have spoken to they have all thought it was just is allowing his ie to discuss this. >> abc is preparing for saturday's debate. donald trump, at the same time not ruling out in fact jumping back into the presidential race. this was a big surprise. >> i don't believe him. he wants more viewers for the apprentice. >> could
has changed, how we correspond with each other. >>> also this morning, what jerry sandusky's accusers are planning to do when the coach appears in court on sexual assault charges next week. also some insight this morning into why sandusky's legal team is letting him talk when he seems to only be making his case worse. these interviews i find beyond disturbing. >> i can't wait to hear the inside scoop about the lawyer's strategy. doesn't make sense to me. >> what could possibly be the strategy? >> we'll see. >>> and later this half-hour, a real emergency for paramedics and firefighters. their fire station invaded by bed bugs. ahh! no laughing matter. >> no one likes a bed bug story. it's creepy, isn't it? we'll get to that in a second. >>> we begin with the drastic changes ahead for the postal service. thousand of employees now expected to lose their jobs. >> that's right. mail is going to take longer to arrive. abc's scott goldberg with more on the cutbacks. good morning, scott. >> reporter: rob, sunny, we don't use pens and paper like we used to, and that's why the postal service say
thought she would never see santa. >> this is a great story. first coming up, jerry sandusky talking again about the sex abuse charges against him. >> he swears he is innocent while also admitting he is attracted to young boys. abc's t.j. winick has been following the story since it first broke. >> reporter: in this no holds barred interview with "the new york times," jerry sandusky maintains he is innocent of molesting eight boys over 15 years. >> i didn't do those things. >> reporter: why is the former penn state assistant football coach had such a difficult time tackling the one question everyone wants answered first posed in a phone interview last month. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. >> reporter: for sandusky's alleged victims and families it was an especially cringe worthy moment. >> i asked him about how he felt he had done on the answer? and mr. sandusky said he wished he had -- he had done it differently. >> reporter: like the first time around, the 68-y
in the penn state scandal that cost paterno his job. a family friend of assistant coach who saw jerry sandusky molesting a boy in the shower says he heard a different version of the story. that friend reportedly said that after the incident mike mcqueary told him he only heard what was going on in the shower but did not actually see anything sexual. >>> a virginia family is celebrating the end of a five-month-long nightmare. islamic militants kidnapped a teenager during a family vacation in the philippines. using brains and bravery, the boy escaped. here's abc's correspondent. >> reporter: the first pictures of kevin lundsman in five months smiling and safe in the philippines. the 14-year-old from virginia outwitted his armed kidnappers friday telling them he was going to wash up in a stream, then running. he says he wandered in the jungle for two days. >> it was a tough time. it was a tough five months. i only know he is a hero. and i am so happy he escaped. >> reporter: villagers found him on an island, 25 miles from where he, his mother, and a cousin were kidnapped in july. they were on vac
the whistle on jerry sandusky are being called into question. mike mcqueary told investigators and the grand jury he witnessed sandusky molesting a boy in the shower. but mcqueary told a family friend a different story. he only heard what was going on in the shower but actually did not see anything sexual. >> milwaukee brewers slugger, ryan braun fighting a 50 game suspension over allegation he's used performance enhancing drugs. the national league mvp tested positive for elevated testostero testosterone, synthetic. a spokesman says there are highly unusual circumstances supporting braun's innocence. last spring the team extended his contract through 2020. >> the world of college basketball is still reeling from a blody bench clearing brawl involving cincinnati xavier. both schools have suspended their players. abc's johnexact low what happens. >> reporter: a black eye for college sports, literally. college basketball, and an all out melee as the game wind down. benches clear, fists fly and blood gushes from a center's face. so out of hand. the game is called with second on the clock. boys
was sacked over sexual abuse scandal involving his former assistant jerry sandusky. >> these allegations are false. >> reporter: at another university, this time syracuse, long-time assistant coach, bennie fine was fired after similar allegations were reported. ohio state's jim trestle lost his job after the ncaa found that several buckeyes had traded memorabilia for tattoos. >> now an altercation. rancher >> reporter: college sports continued to entertain. while the u-conn huskies turned an imperfect season into an unblemished march to the title. coach pat summit brought the sports world to a stop. >> pat summit has been diagnosed with early on set dimentia. >> it is time to get back to football. >> reporter: ultimately, pro football sorted out its issues before any games were lost. back on the field, aaron rodgers, defending champion, green bay packers on an amazing roll while peyton manning watched from the side lines as his colts have suffered. and in denver, tim tebow literally brought them to their feet. >> if you believe unbelievable things can sometimes be possible. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)